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Bulk Supply & Distribution of Fuel Product

We supply energy products such as Diesel (AGO), Fuel (PMS) and Kerosene (DPK) in wholesales and retails.

The benefit of ordering petroleum products in bulk

If you operate a business that uses much fuel, you will understand the time and effort that goes into sourcing the fuel you use. If you do not already, it may be time to consider buying your fuel in bulk from a trusted supplier.
The key benefits realized by buying petroleum product in bulk quantities from us are:

  • We deliver based on your consumption need, which will save you considerable money.
  • Buying in bulk or large quantity increases your productivity and reduces your downtime, which enables you to reliably set up a daily work schedule without any fear of interruptions.
  • You are guaranteed high-quality products.
Construction of Storage Tanks

The Company provides product storage tanks made from standard materials at a low and reasonable price

Below is why you should consider this now:

  • Its save you money – Having an on-site fuel storage tank helps you manage fuel consumption. If you utilize an active fuel management system, you’ll save even more money by predicting how much fuel you consume and the duration of usage. This helps you plan for future expenses and budget your fuel spending better.
  • Increases Efficiency – This eliminates the need and cost of travelling to an off-site fueling location to purchase products in multiple gallons as this has a ripple effect on your overall business efficiency. By opting for a storage tank, a one-time supply of petroleum products can be delivered, which saves time, labor and cost.
  • It helps you monitor the consumption rate of petroleum product on a daily and monthly basis.
Servicing of Power Generators

The Company indulges in the servicing of power generators. We can agree with your company on a suitable maintenance plan either on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis using our structured checklist, which will be included in terms of the contract.

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Cleaning of Corrosive Stains

The company renders the cleaning services of corrosive or chemical stains.

The company renders the cleaning services of corrosive or chemical stains.

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